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 Infused Powers

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Infused Powers

Each infused power takes a Will to enact (unless otherwise specified by the power).  

The Initial cost of all Powers at creation is the flat cost of the Power in quality points.  For powers ranging from 1-3 they stack, the first level being worth 1 quality point, the second 2, and the third 3 for a total of 6 quality points.  All costs double with XP.

General Infused Powers

**Attribute based General Powers take 2 Will to activate, the duration of these powers is ½ the Infused Character’s Will rating (unmodified rounded down) in minutes.

Might (1-3 pts)
For each level of this Power, the Infused adds +2 to his Strength

Endurance (1-3 pts)
For each level of this Power, the Infused adds +2 to his Vitality

Alacrity (1-3 pts)
For each level of this Power, the Infused adds +2 to his Agility

Alertness (1-3 pts)
For each level of this Power, the Infused adds +2 to his Awareness

Mind (1-3 pts)
For each level of this Power, the Infused adds +2 to his Intellect

Wisdom (1-3 pts)
For each level of this Power, the Infused adds +2 to his Wits

Willpower (1-3 pts)
For each level of this Power, the Infused adds +2 to his Resilience

Allure (1-3 pts)
For each level of this Power, the Infused adds +2 to his Charisma

Obscurity (1-3 pts)
For each level of this power, the Infused adds +2 to stealth, this power lasts until the Infused interacts enough to be noticed, or the duration of his Will rating (unmodified) in minutes elapses.

Death Infused powers

Bones of the Earth (3 pts)
The infused pulls the energies of death from the very ground beneath his feet. His bones become solid and near unbreakable save by the most damaging of attacks, his skin toughening tremendously. This power reduces Lethal damage to Bashing Damage (including from elemental attacks with fire or electricity), if the Infused takes Bashing Damage it is halved (rounded up). The duration of this ability lasts in a number of rounds equal to the Character’s Vitality score. After the duration has expired all damage remains as it was taken, regardless of source.

Icy Chill of Death (3 pt)
By tapping into the mortal (and immortal) fear of death itself, the Infused can sap the will from another and send them screaming in fear. The Infused must either touch, or make eye contact with their victim, then succeed in a Resilience + Intimidation test opposed by the victims Resilience + Empathy test, if the victim loses he must run screaming as fear takes hold, sending him flying away from the infused for a number of rounds equal to the number of successes the Infused won by.

Touch of Decay (3 pt)
The Infused can draw upon the very powers of death itself, manifesting an entropic effect on his touch.  Damaging the body of his foes directly, or weakening their weapons and armor, even destroying objects given enough time in contact with them.  Touch of Decay makes touch attacks deal 1 lethal per round of contact, or 1 durability damage to material objects.  The duration of this power is equal to double the character's Vitality rating in minutes.  NOTE: Unarmed attacks do not remain in contact enough for this power to take effect.

Touch of Death (3 pt)
Like Touch of Decay, this power puts entropic effects into the body of the Infused, though touch of Death lets that power transfer to unarmed attacks, increasing the damage type done by those attacks by 1 level (bashing to lethal IE).  This power demands a lot of focus however, and the duration is Vitality rating (unmodified) in rounds.

Feign Death (3 pt)
Feign Death allows the Infused to mimic death with enough accuracy to fool observers, EMT tools, and even lesser Life Attunement powers. The Infused can maintain the power for a number of hours equal to her Vitality attribute. The Infused sets a time limit when she will come out of the comatose state. Physical contact, injury, loud noise, and so on have no effect on the death-mimicking effect. Any attempts to diagnose signs of life must exceed a threshold equal to the Infused character's Vitality attribute. The Infused is unaware of her surroundings while in this state; she doesn’t hear any conversations taking place or see who is coming and going in their surroundings.

Impenetrable Will (1-3 pts)
The Infused has an increased resistance to fear and torture. He gains a +1 dice pool modifier to Opposed Tests to resist Intimidation and fear-inducing effects or powers for each level of this power. This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Iron Will (1-3 pts)
This power makes the Infused more resistant to external influences. The character may add the power’s level as a dice pool modifier in tests to resist mental manipulation or mind control, whether originating from spells, Infused powers, or powers from Realm Denizens. This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Deathly Calm (1-3 pts)
This power grants you complete control over your body’s nonverbal and subconscious communication and social cues, even when you’re in stressful social situations. It includes facial expressions, body movements, eye movements, fluctuations in heart rate and blood pressure, and even control over sweat glands, making it difficult to gauge your emotional state and truthfulness. Add +1 for each level of the power to resist checks to read your emotions such as with  the empathy ability or powers from attuned, infused, or realm denizens.  This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Ghost Walk (3 pts)
You can move over surfaces—even snow, sand, or thin paper—without leaving visible traces. You make no noise through contact with the floor (though movement may still cause other sounds), and any hearing-based perceptions to detect you suffer a –4 dice pool penalty. You don't create sound or vibration with your steps. You can’t walk across liquid surfaces—you’re magical, not miraculous—but you can walk across deep snow without sinking. While you can be tracked by non-visual cues such as scent, even those tracking checks are more difficult and get a –2 dice pool penalty.  This power’s duration is the character’s Will rating (unmodified) in minutes.

Deadened Nerves (3 pts)
The Infused can cut off the pain receptors in their bodies for a limited time, making them feel no pain from any source. However they still take the damage from gunshots, blades, or any other form of attack.  This power lasts in minutes equal to the character's vitality attribute rating unmodified.

Undeath (5 pts)
The character's body is no longer alive.  They feel no hunger pains, require no sleep, nor water.  They need no rest in running long distances, and can focus on tasks for hours on end.  This is not a permanent change, the duration of the power is equal to the character's vitality rating in days.  While under the effects of undeath, the character will take no benefit from any life attunement healing, however they can be mended by material attunement as if they were inorganic material.

Energy Infused powers

Elemental Attacks (1-3 pts)
This power allows the Infused to add elemental power to any unarmed or melee attack. By enacting this power the damage type increases by one (Bashing to Lethal, Lethal to Aggravated), and for every level of the power you add double the damage dice for a single damage roll. (Level 2 and 4 damage rolled = 8 damage)

Elemental Armor (3 pts)
This power surrounds the Infused in a swirling zone of elemental hazards.  From ice shards, swirling flames or cutting winds. All ranged attacks made while the power is active (either against or by the Infused) are at a -2 dice penalty. If anyone makes a successful melee attack against the infused with this power active, the attacker is open to taking direct damage from the elemental assault. This ability lasts a number of rounds equal to the character's Wits rating (unmodified).

Authoritative Voice (1-3 pts)
Infused with this power can speak in a way that immediately makes people want to believe them and follow their orders. Altering the resonance of their voice and the sounds it sends. For every level of this power, the Infused gains +1 die to any Opposed Social Skill Test that they initiate (normal limits apply). This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Blind Fighting (3 pts)
The Infused focuses on things outside normal sight ranges, sound, vibrations, shifts in the air or temperatures, in order to hone in on their foe during combat.  This power reduces dice penalties for fighting blind by 2, and can also negate any dice penalties in other situations (such as feeling around for something in the dark) completely. This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Penetrating Strike (1-3 pts)
The Infused can focus the kinetic power behind any unarmed or melee attack, smashing through defenses with brutal accuracy.  For each point in this power the Infused ignores 1 point of the targets defense for a single unarmed or melee attack.

Enhanced Awareness (1-3 pts)
This power sharpens the sensory inputs that your awareness picks up, making the world around the Infused stand out more in such aspects.  Add +1 dice to all awareness tests per level of this power.  This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Slow Fall (3 pts)
This power helps the Infused survive falls that would normally be life threatening.  At any point during a fall, the Infused can slow his rate of descent to walking speed for an amount of turns equal to his Will, literally willing himself to slow.  Obviously this application comes in best just moments before slamming back to earth, but the Infused can use it at any point when in free fall state.  The duration of this ability is ½ the Infused Character’s Agility rating (unmodified, rounded down) in Rounds.

Cohesion (3 pts)
Infused with this power receive two benefits. First, the infused gains a +2 dice pool bonus for all climbing rolls passively. Second, the Infused can temporarily adhere to surfaces, such as walls. He can attach himself to a surface and hang out for approximately five minutes, provided he remains motionless and keeps physical contact with the surface in question with hands, feet, knees, or elbows. The Infused must spend a move action to bond his magical energy with the surface; normal clothing such as gloves or boots does not interfere with this power, but the use of heavy armor will. Moving the attached body parts on the surface they’re adhering to, such as a moving vehicle, breaks the bond, making the Infused fall off.

Weightlessness (1-3 pts)
This power is used to make incredible jumps over long distances. Add the power’s level to your Agility before calculating maximum distance you can jump. Also, add 1 die per level to your Athletics roll when you make your jump passively. If you should happen to fall, reduce the effective distance of a fall by the Infused Agility rating times the level of the power in meters when calculating your falling damage. (IE Weightlessness 3 Agility 4: 4x3 12 meters)

Wall Running (1-3 pts)
You can run up sheer walls or other vertical surfaces a limited distance. Make an athletics + strength check, with successes indicating the number of meters you may climb up in a single move action. If you want to run up longer distances, you’ll need steps, ledges, or somewhere you can stop and then use this power again. This power works exactly the same for running along the wall instead of up it.  At the end of your movement, you fall off the wall, whether you made it as far as you wanted or not.

Ether Infused Powers

Abyssal Voice (3 pts)
The Infused can imbue her voice with the howling winds of the Ether, giving her a +3 to his next intimidation roll.

Armor of the Etherial Span (3 pts)
The infused can manifest the ether around himself, giving a +3 armor advantage while in combat.  The power manifests as a shimmering light around the infused and lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Infused Character’s Resilience attribute.

Call the Void (3 pts)
The Infused can call upon the spaces between spaces, the dark void of nothing between the realms, and its inhabitants.  By spending a will the Infused can manifest a shadow minion that will follow his instructions.  This minion has limited contact with the material world, but can make an excellent spy or distraction.  The duration of the minion is equal to the Infused Character’s Resilience Attribute rating doubled in minutes.

Cruel Winds (3 pts)
The infused can call upon the very etherial wind to attack his foes.  The damage inflicted by this invisible attack is equal to the Infused Resilience rating in bashing damage.  On top of the damage, the victim must make an Agility + Athletics roll with the threshold being half the Infused Resilience rating halved, if the roll fails the target is knocked to the ground.  The Mass of the wind is equal to the Infused user’s mass and the duration is one standard action (one attack).

Enveloping Darkness (3 pts)
The infused can call upon a shroud of inky blackness that casts the area into darkness, muffles sounds, and disorients those trapped inside it.  The radius of the blackness is the Infused Resilience rating x3 in meters, everyone caught inside it takes +4 difficulties to all sight based actions, and +2 difficulties for use of his other senses.  The duration of this power is equal to the Infused Characters Vitality in minutes.

Etherial Jump (3pts)
By stepping to the shadows of the void, or onto the currents of etherial wind, the infused can teleport short distances.  The distance must be in line of sight, and the maximum distance one can travel is agility x 10 meters.  This is a full round action unless augmented by other qualities.  Each use of Etherial Jump costs 1 will.

Lure of the Void (1-3 pts)
The Infused can pull the dark black of the void into creation and command it to attack her foes.  For each level of this power the Infused conjures for a black tendril to grapple, strike, or impede her foes.  The first rank gives one such tendril with Strength and Agility of 3 and an unarmed attack skill of 3, this increases by one for each rank, including the number of tendrils that can be called.  Each called tendril costs 1 Will and lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Infused Character’s Resilience rating (unmodified).

Phasing (3 pts)
The Infused can phase out of creation, half in the Ether, half in the world around him.  This allows him to pass through solid objects (distance he can move through such is his Resilience rating in meters).  Projectiles pass through him, flame will not burn him, and he essential breathes the etherial wind instead of air.  However, he cannot manipulate anything with touch, and voice recognition will not work as the Infused’s voice takes on a ghostly or hollow tone.  The duration of this power is equal to the Infused Character’s Intelligence rating in minutes.

Void Claws (3 pts)
The Infused can create natural weapons made from the very stuff of the dark void, these weapons are used in conjunction with the unarmed skill and increase the damage to lethal, they also give a +1 to damage output.  The duration of this power is equal to the Infused Character’s Strength (unmodified) in rounds.

Winds of Creation (3 pts)
This power allows the Infused to concentrate the etherial wind to make any simple object, from a blade, to a key.  These objects cannot have moving parts, and last for a number of rounds equal to the Infused’s Resilience rating.

Zero Point (3 pts)
The infused “anchors” himself to a point in creation, then slips beyond the material into the void, as if sinking into the very ground.  The Infused can then step out at any other place that he has prior knowledge of (geography, layout, etc) for a number of minutes equal to his Resilience rating.  Once the duration is up, he is “snapped” back to the anchor point.

Life infused powers

Adrenaline Boost (3 pts)
This power lets you accomplish more in one Combat Turn. You get +2 to your Initiative Score for a number of rounds equal to your Vitality score. At the beginning of the next turn after the Adrenaline Boost, you take Drain equal to the same Vitality score (IE Vitality 4 is 4 rounds of +2 init, then -2 for the 4 rounds after that)

Animal Empathy (1-3 pts)
This power gives the Infused a greater affinity for all non-sentient animals, both normal and Mithbarian. For every level purchased, the Infused gains +1 die to all Animal Handling (Survival) tests. This power can also be used to intimidate or frighten animals.   This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.  A Contested Wits + Animals roll is performed to counter another’s use of Animal Empathy to supersede the previous use.

Enhanced Attribute (3 pts)
You call upon inner strength to perform amazing physical feats beyond their normal abilities. Enhanced Attribute must be purchased for a specific Physical Attribute,  separate Enhanced Attribute powers may be bought for different attributes. This power cannot be purchased for a Mental or Social Attribute.
When you activate this power, make Will + Corresponding Attribute roll. Each hit on this test boosts your attribute rating by 1, up to your augmented Attribute maximum. This only affects your dice pools; your Physical limit and Initiative ratings don’t change with Attribute Boost. The boost lasts for a number of Rounds equal to the Infused Character’s Vitality Attribute rating (unmodified) . When the boost runs out, you take Drain equal to the level of this power.

Rage (3 pts)
The Infused can voluntarily enter a frenzied mental state to increase his physical abilities. While in this state he gains a +1 to all Physical attributes but suffers a temporary loss of –1 to all Mental attributes (minimum of 1; this power cannot be used by Infused with any Mental attributes starting at 1). Once activated, the Infused remains in this state for a number of Rounds equal to his Vitality Attribute rating (unmodified) or until all enemy targets are down. When the power wears off, Infused suffer a Physical Attribute  Drain equal to half their Vitality rounded down in minutes.

Predator's Sense (3 pts)
This power provides an instinctive sense of any potential threats nearby. In defending against ranged and melee attacks, you get a +1 bonus to defense per level of this power. Infused with this power are always allowed an Awareness Test before a possible surprise situation, gaining the benefit of being alerted if the test is successful.  This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Nature's Healing (3 pts)
Used only in the direst of circumstances, the Nature's Healing power allows an Infused to literally take on the wounds of another in order to heal them. To accomplish this, the Infused rolls a Vitality + Medicine Test. For every success, one box of Physical damage transfers from the wounded target to the Infused. Only Physical damage can be healed in this way. The test itself requires a full Round per box of damage to complete, and the healing Infused must maintain physical contact during the entire process. Damage modifiers are applied once the Infused completes the process.

Change Features (3 pts)
This power allows an Infused to change his appearance by shifting the muscles, bone structure, and cartilage in his face.  The effect can be sustained for (Vitality) hours.
Common changes include altering ear shape, changing nose shape, raising/lowering cheekbones, growing facial hair, reshaping the forehead and so on. Infused can even change their face to another race or species if they wish, but they can’t change their body shape. The time required to change one feature is approximately one minute. The Infused needs another full minute to undo the changes and return their features to normal.

Contortionist (3 pts)
Infused with the Contortionist power can bend or twist their bodies past the norm, which allows them to squeeze through openings smaller than the Infused (ST’s discretion) and escape restraints easier. It also makes them harder to subdue during unarmed combat. This power gives a -3 modifier to the difficulty for moving through cramped corners or getting out of restraints. During unarmed combat, if someone is attempting to subdue the Infused, he gains +2 dice to prevent being subdued; normal limits still apply.  This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Strong Lungs (3 pts)
This power increases the character’s lung capacity. When attempting to hold one’s breath, this power adds your Vitality rating in minutes. When wanting to extend past the base time, roll a Vitality + Athletics Test, each success adds another 30 seconds to that time.  The power also adds a +2 dice pool modifier to Vitality to resist Fatigue.  This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Toxin Resistance (3 pts)
When resisting disease or toxins in any form, double your vitality rating.  This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Regeneration (1-3 pts)
You recover from damage more quickly, magically healing yourself over periods of time. For each level in this power the Infused takes, the duration of healing damage is reduced by 25% the initial duration.  So for 3 levels, healing time is reduced by 75% for the damage type.  This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Matter Infused Powers

Armored Clothes (3 pts)
The Infused makes his clothing, anything worn over his skin, hard as Mithril.  This power gives a +3 armor rating to the character as long as he is wearing the clothing altered.

Aura of Steel (3 pts)
The Matter Infused can drag upon the material components around him and then to him, making a swirling cloud of metallic shards.  This delivers a +3 defense to firearms and ranged attacks, as well as imposes a +2 difficulty to attack the Infused with melee weapons or unarmed.  This power’s duration is equal to the Infused’s Characters Wits in rounds.

Bound to the Earth (3 pts)
This power allows the Infused to become a nearly immovable object, his feet adhere to the ground beneath him or any material he plants his feet on.  This power gives the Infused a +3 bonus to resist being knocked down, moved, or picked up in any way.  This bonus does not apply if he is standing on living tissue (such as a horse’s back, or his friend’s shoulders… or his enemies shoulder’s…).  This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Critical Edge (3 pts)
This power lets the Infused hone his weapons to murderous sharpness, adding +2 to their damage output for a limited duration equal to the Infused Character’s Strength Attribute in rounds (unmodified).  This power does not stack ontop of itself

Heated Blades (3 pts)
Heated blades allows an Infused to heat a weapon at a given location on the structural surface of that weapon.  He can superheat his own knife to cause searing pain, or cauterize a wound.  He can touch an enemies weapon so it burns his hand.  This power adds a +1 damage dice to the bladed weapon, or deals 1 pt of damage to the wielder of the heated weapon.  The duration of this power is the Infused Character Wits Attribute rating in rounds (unmodified).

Mechanical Perfection (3 pts)
This ability allows the Infused to make quick repairs on any item with movable parts (IE a gun or vehicle).  As long as the structural integrity holds for the item, the repairs will make it go.

Plum Blossom Flower (3 Pts)
This ability allows the Infused to leap from one solid object to another, even if that object would normally snap or break.  For example, the adept can run across standing saplings and they will support his weight long enough for him to quickly pass over them.  Narrow poles, as long as they are not pointed at the tip, are no issue as the Infused just runs from pole to pole.  This power is passive and always on unless the Infused wishes to turn it off.

Water Walking (3 pts)
This power allows the Infused to walk across surfaces that would usually never support his weight.  He can run across snow and mud without sinking, can walk at a normal pace across thin ice, and walk slow and steady across water itself without sinking at all.  The duration of this power lasts a number of rounds equal to the Character’s Strength Attribute rating in minutes (unmodified).

Weapon of Toxicity (3 pts)
The Infused can coat his weapon (including individual bullets) with a dose of a lethal toxin.  The toxin itself can come from any liquid, and with a touch it mutates into a harmful one.  This toxin adds a bleed effect to the target struck with it.  This effect stacks for every 3 times the target is struck.  The effect removes another health level from the victim every two rounds they are not treated for the wound.  Once healing is applied in any fashion (even bandages) the effect will stop.
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Infused Powers
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