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 Mental Qualities

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PostSubject: Mental Qualities   3/5/2017, 16:51

Area of Expertise: 2pt- Increase a Mental Specialty to +2 (requires Resilience 2)

Combat Awareness: 2pt- +2 to any situational awareness roll

Danger Sense: 2pt- : You gain a +2 modifier on reflexive Wits + Resilience rolls for your character to detect an impending ambush. This kind of roll is typically made prior to the first turn of a surprise attack. Your character has a well-developed survival instinct that warns him of impending danger. Perhaps he’s adept at reading subtle clues in his environment or he possesses an uncanny “sixth sense” when it comes to avoiding trouble.

Eidetic Memory: 2pt- Your character has a near-photographic memory, being able to recall vast amounts of observed detail with astonishing accuracy. You do not normally need to make a roll for your character to remember an obscure fact or past experience, unless he is under stress (such as in combat). Under stress, there is a +2 modifier on any Intelligence + Resilience or other Skill based roll(say, Academics, to remember a fact)for memory recall. Available at character creation only.

Encyclopedic Knowledge: 4pt- You can make an Intelligence + Wits roll any time your character is confronted with a situation or phenomenon outside his normal realm of experience. If the roll is successful, he may recall a “factoid”that he’s heard at some point that may shed light on matters. Available at character creation only. Your character has either been soaking up trivia all his life or he hasn’t.

EOD: 2pt- Reduced penalties for disarming explosives. (requires Wits or Agility 3 and Crafts 3 with a Demolitions Specialty)

Good Time Management: 2pt- Reduce time for non-magical extended rolls by 1/4. (requires academics, science, or medicine 2)

Higher Calling: 2 pt- +1 on Resilience rolls to resist coercion

Holistic Awareness: 3pt- Effect: Your character is skilled in the arts of whole body healing, promoting health and recovery by keeping a person’s entire physiology balanced and strong. The result is that he is able to treat sickness and some injuries (those not requiring surgery, and ones suffered to bashing or lethal damage but not aggravated) with a collection of natural remedies rather than resorting to a doctor or hospital. Make an Intelligence + Medicine roll once per day when your character spends an hour treating a patient. If the roll is successful, the patient’s healing times that day
are halved. The worst of a patient’s injuries must be treated first. So, if he has suffered a lethal wound and a successful
roll is made, the wound heals that day rather than in two days. If the patient has suffered nothing but bashing damage,
all wounds are healed in mere minutes (about eight each)

Interdisciplinary Specialty: 1pt- Share one Specialty between two skills.

Meditative Mind: 1 pt- Effect: Your character can effortlessly enter a meditative state when she chooses, and can remain in it for as long as she wishes. All environmental penalties imposed to Wits + Resilience rolls to meditate are ignored. Not even wound penalties apply to your character’s efforts to focus.

Multi-Lingual: 1-5pt- Learn two languages per dot, conversationally

Murder Expert: 3pt- Strike a killing blow against a single, unsuspecting target. (Requires Intelligence 2 and Stealth 3)

Mythologist: 3pt- Gain some insight into some of the Underworld's enigmas. All knowledge and occult based rolls that pertain to the realms of the dead gain -1 difficulty. (Requires Occultism 2 with Underworld Specialty)

Scientist's Sense: 3pt- As Common Sense Merit, but applied to specific scientific processes based on your Science Specialty. (Requires Science 3 with any Specialty)

Supernatural Lore: 1-5pt- Identify, understand, and know the ways of certain types of supernatural entities. In this setting, it will apply to begins and denizens of other realms. But the type of entity or specific realm for which it applies must be chosen when taking the quality. It can be purchased multiple times for different beings, denizens, or realms.

Technophile: 1 or 2pt- As Encyclopedic Knowledge, but restricted to one topic.

Trained Observer: 1 or 3 pt- The one point version allows you to ignore specific penalties when focusing on observing your surroundings, a certain target, or particular situation. The three point version includes this, as well as allows for Rote quality on all perception rolls. (Requires Wits 3)

Tunnel Rat: 1-3pt- Reduces the difficulty of navigating unfamiliar subterranean passages, sewers, or cavern systems.

Well Traveled: 1pt- 9-Again on Mental and Social rolls relating to foreign cultures and their respective native people and customs.
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Mental Qualities
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