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#Sundered_Realms is a IRC RPG on Where Fantasy meets the Post Apocalyptic. Set on Earth after centuries of devastation and geopolitical upheaval.
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 Power to the Players!

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PostSubject: Power to the Players!   5/5/2017, 12:24

Sundered Realms is not just a dynamic and evolving setting, but it's also a dynamic and evolving game. Through the years the developers you know and love have spent countless hours coming up with the setting, factions, powers, abilities, and all other manner of things. That being said, there is literally no way we could ever possibly come up with every aspect of this rather massive setting.

Thats where the players come in.

Say you're playing an aquatic elf, or a mermaid, and you really want to develop a fighting style based solely around underwater combat. We can help you do that. Or your LIfe Infused Academic is researching new Infused powers to help combat illness and disease that affects the populace on a supernatural level. We can make that happen. Aerial combat for those winged creatures? Doable. A new branch of engineering for your Academic Matter Attuned that utilizes Ether energy, let's make it happen.

If you come up with some game mechanic, some idea, even a small faction or group, get with an ST and we'll see the chances of it fitting into the game. You'll still have to potentially purchase it for your character through XP and learn it IC, but that's just part of the fun!
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Power to the Players!
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