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 Philosophies of Magic

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PostSubject: Philosophies of Magic   5/5/2017, 12:27

Magic in the Sundered World might all come to the same destination, from imagination to spark and spell completion, but road that any given Attuned (or what they even refer to themselves as) is vastly different. The following are some of the more prominent 'schools' of magic in the World today.

While some of these Philosophies seem very related to one another, each has distinction. The tenants of the beliefs manifest in various ways, but each governs over the core philosophies of the Attuned and where their magic comes from.

Expirists, while may seem more like a death cult than a Magical ideal, have more in common with the Abrahamic religions than death itself.

The Expirists follow the concept that there is one entity, sentient or not, that anchors the realms to one another, and let the Etherial winds blow. This entity governs all things, and in such all things are leading towards a conclusion in this design. There is usually heated debate over the central entity, whether it be a God, a quirk of Chaos, or many other established working theories, but the central vein of the ideal is simple, the Attuned are connected not just merely to the realms, but also to the workings of this plan set in motion at the dawn of time.

The Dharmists generally believe that their magic comes not from the realms, but from within their own selves. Just like the word in which they are referred to, Dharmists tend to be rather splintered in just how this manifests, why, when, or even the relation this manifestation has with the Realms.

Dharmists follow the tenets of many religions that share commonality with the Dharma, through a central theme comes to light once one gets a better feel for the ideal. Mastering one's self, can push enlightenment and thus Mastery of the Realms. Most Dharmists follow one of the Dharmic religions in one form or another, even if they don't realize it, but the theme holds true.

The Esotaoist ideal arose from the belief that there is a natural, non sentient primal force that governs the Etherial winds and the realms in a whole. They generally believe that there is a working order and systematic flow of the Realms and the Cosmos in general, and an Attuned can gain enlightenment and tap into this flow, then utilize it.

They follow the balance that this force brings, aligning themselves with it and thus stepping into the stream of it and thus changing the movement and flow of the stream as they desire, thus working the realms and their own attunements.

To the Animist the Realms are not just places of power alien and connected to our own, they are all around in every aspect of everything. Everything touches everything else and all things are set in motion by the Etherial winds. Where these winds originate is usually in debate.

The Animists believe that through their connections they can derive power from the material universe they reside in. Not all are shamanistic, but many central themes and thoughts revolve around such practices. The Etherial wind blows, and washes over every single thing in creation, giving it a breath and life of its own in a way.
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Philosophies of Magic
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