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 Physical Qualities

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PostSubject: Physical Qualities   5/5/2017, 16:04

Ambidextrous: 3pt- Your character does not suffer the -2 penalty for using his off-hand in combat or to perform other actions. Available at character creation only.

Armored Fighting: 2pt or 4pt- Reduces the penalties of wearing Heavy Armor. Reduction of 1 for the two point version, with goes to a reduction of 2 for the four point version. (Requires Strength 3 and Vitality 3)

Athletics Dodge: 1pt- Similar to Brawling and Weaponry Dodge, only instead of doubling your Defense when performing a Dodge, you may add your Athletics to your Defense score instead. (Requires Agility 2 and Athletics 1)

Brawling Dodge: 1pt- Whenever your character performs a dodge , you can choose to add his Unarmed Skill dots to his Defense instead of doubling his Defense. He essentially draws on his training in blocking and evading attacks rather than relying on his raw ability alone. While this might provide little benefit to a brawling novice, it can give the advanced fighter an edge. Brawling Dodge applies against incoming Unarmed- and Melee-based attacks, against thrown-weapon attacks, and against Firearms attacks made within close-combat range. Your character can move up to his Speed and perform a Brawling Dodge maneuver in a turn. A character can possess both the Brawling Dodge and Melee Dodge qualities, but only one can be used per turn. (Requires Strength 2, Unarmed 1)

Demolisher: 1-2pt- Can ignore 1 (•) or 2 (••) points of Durability when attempting to damage objects (Requires Strength 3 or Intelligence 3)

Direction Sense: 1pt- Your character has an innate sense of direction that instinctively allows him to remain oriented. He can enter unfamiliar territory and always retrace his steps back to his starting point, and can orient himself to any of the compass points (i.e., face north, face south) without references.

Disarm: 2pt- : Your character has refined his Melee Skill to the extent that he can use a weapon to disarm opponents
in close combat. When making a normal attack, compare your successes to the opponent’s Dexterity. If you get a number of successes equal to or greater than the opponent’s Dexterity, you can choose to have your character disarm him instead of doing damage. A weapon lands a number of yards away from the opponent equal to your successes rolled. Disarming is a different activity than specifically attacking or breaking weapons or items carried by opponents. (Requires Agility 3, Melee 2)

Entering Strike: 2pt- Successful, defenseless Brawl strike adds damage as bonus to subsequent grappling attack. (Requires Agility 2 and Unarmed 3)

Equipped Grappling: 2pt- Add size of blunt weapon (3 or less) to overpowering maneuver dice pool. (Requires Agility 3, Unarmed 2 and Melee 2)

Fast Reflexes: 1 or 2pt- +1 Initiative per dot. Your character’s mix of sharp reflexes and steady nerves helps him get the drop on adversaries. (Requires Agility 3)

Fighting Finesse: 2pt- Your character prefers to fight with a chosen weapon in a manner that favors agility over power. With that one weapon (a rapier or katana, for example), you may substitute your character’s Agility for Strength
when making attack rolls. This quality may be purchased multiple times to gain agility with more weapons, one for each purchase. (Requires Agility 3, Melee 2)

Firearms Retention: 1pt- Subtract your Unarmed dots from any attempt to disarm by overpowering. (Requires Agility 2, Wits 2, Firearms 2 and Unarmed 2)

Fleet of Foot: 1-3 pt-  +1 Speed per dot. Regardless of your character’s physical build, he can run quickly when he chooses to. (Requires Strength 2)

Fresh Start: 1pt- Your character dedicates an action to altering his standing in the Initiative order in the following
turn and for all subsequent turns, choosing to insert himself at a new point in the roster, even if it means going first when he went last before. For example, if your Initiative roll resulted in a 9, but a rival whom your character wanted to waylay got a 12, your character can forfeit an action in turn one to get a fresh start and then act before that rival at 13 in turn two and afterward. Drawback: A character must take an action to change his Initiative ranking in subsequent turns. He can do nothing else in that action except move up to his Speed. (Requires Fast Reflexes 2)

Giant: 4pt- : Your character is seven or more feet tall and over 250 pounds. He is +1 Size (and thus +1 Health).
Available at character creation only.

Gunslinger: 3pt- Your character’s capability and experience with firearms is such that he can accurately fire two pistols at the same time. Your character still suffers the -2 offhand penalty for shooting with his secondary hand (unless he
also possesses the Ambidextrous quality, above), but he can shoot both pistols as a single action during a turn. The second attack is also at a -1 penalty. Your character may also shoot at two different targets if he wishes, but the amount of concentration required negates his Defense for the turn. This quality only applies to pistols. (Requires Agility 3 and Firearms 3)

Heavy Hands: 3pt- Your hands are heavier than normal and more damaging. As a result, gain +1 damage to unarmed attacks made with hands or fists. (Requires Strength 3 and Unarmed 2)

Iron Stamina: 1-3pt- Each dot eliminates a negative modifier (on a one-for-one basis) when resisting the effects of fatigue or injury. For example: A character with Iron Stamina 2 is able to ignore up to a -2 modifier brought on by fatigue. The quality  also counteracts the effects of wound penalties.So ,if all of your character’s Health boxes are filled (which normally imposes a -3 penalty to his actions) and he has Iron Stamina 1, those penalties are reduced to -2. This quality cannot be used to gain positive modifiers for actions, only to cancel out negative ones. Your character can push his body well past the limits of physical endurance when he has to, pressing on in the face of mounting exhaustion or pain. Perhaps he trained himself to go without sleep for days at a time, or a lifetime of physical struggle taught your character how to play through the pain no matter how bad it gets. (Requires Vitality 3 or Resilience 3)

Iron Stomach: 2pt- : Your character can eat almost anything, under almost any conditions. Greasy bacon and runny eggs on a raging hangover? No problem. The green meat in the fridge? No problem. Milk two weeks past its expiration date? No problem. He could be dropped in the middle of the forest and could live off bugs and roots as long as necessary in order to survive — and with no ill effects. Add two dice to appropriate Survival rolls. Add three to Vitality to resist deprivation. (requires Vitality 2)

Natural Immunity: 1pt- Your character gains a +2 modifier on Vitality rolls to resist infection, sickness and disease. His immune system is exceptionally effective at resisting infections, viruses and bacteria. Your character can probably count
on one hand the number of times he’s been seriously ill. (Requires Vitality 2)

Outdoorsman: 2pt- Your experience in the outdoors has had a lasting effect on your ability to survive in the harshest of environments. This allows you to negate all environmental penalties to Survival rolls. (Requires Survival 3)

Perfect Stillness: 1pt- Your character has experience remaining out of sight, even when within sight of others. Whether using a patch of shadows or darkness for cover, or by just remaining completely still and not drawing any attention to themselves, he or she has a higher chance of going unnoticed by their pursuer or the average onlooker. Those actively searching for your character receive a -2 penalty for all visually related checks. (Requires Stealth 1)

Quick Draw: 1pt- Your character can draw a pistol and fire or pull a melee weapon and attack without penalty as a single action in a turn. If a weapon is hidden on your character’s person (under a coat or in a purse), it can be drawn and
used in the same turn without the normal loss of Defense. A separate Quick Draw Merit must be acquired for use
with firearms and melee weapons. (Requires Agility 3)

Quick Healer: 4pt- Your character’s healing abilities are remarkable, allowing him to bounce back quickly from injuries that would leave most people bedridden for months. Your character recovers from injuries in half the time
that others do. One point of bashing damage is healed in eight minutes. One point of lethal damage is healed in
one day. One point of aggravated damage is healed in four days (Requires Vitality 4)

Shield Bearer: 1pt- Only -1 to attack when using a shield instead of -2

Steady Driver: 1pt- Substitute Resolve for Agility on Drive rolls (Requires Drive 1)

Strong Back: 1pt- Your character gains a +1 modifier to actions involving lifting or carrying heavy weights. She can lift and carry much more weight than her build and body type suggests. (Requires Strength 2)

Strong Lungs: 3pt- : Your character is practiced at holding his breath for long periods of time. He might be a pearl diver or escape artist, capable of staying underwater without aid for longer than most people believe is possible. When determining how long your character can hold his breath, add two to Vitality when referencing the Holding Breath Chart. (pg 49 of WoD core book) For example, if your character’s Vitality is 2, he can hold his breath for four minutes before you need to make a roll. (Requires Athletics 3)

Stunt Driver: 3pt- : Your character can drive a vehicle and perform an unrelated action (e.g., fire a gun, punch another passenger) in the same turn. Drive rolls may still be necessary for dangerous maneuvers or situations. See “Vehicles,” p. 141 of WoD core book. (Requires Agility 3, Drive 2)

Stunt Rider: 3pt- As Stunt Driver, just pertaining to Riding. Like horses, large, bipedal birds of prey, etc. (Requires Agility 3 and Riding 2)

Toxin Resistance: 2pt- Your character gains a +2 modifier to Vitality rolls to resist the effects of drugs, poisons and toxins. His body is capable of withstanding high levels of chemicals without suffering any ill effects. He’s probably never had
a case of food poisoning, much less a hangover. Drawbacks: Your character’s body can’t tell the difference
between recreational toxins and intentional ones. It’s very difficult for him to become intoxicated, whether from alcohol, nicotine or other drugs. Also, painkillers and anesthetics are only half as effective as normal. (Requires Vitality 3)

Weaponry (Melee) Dodge: 1pt- : Whenever your character performs a dodge (see “Dodge,” p. 156 of WoD core), you can choose to add his Weaponry Skill dots to his Defense instead of doubling his Defense. He essentially draws on his training in parrying and evading attacks rather than relying on his raw ability alone. While this might provide little benefit to a fencing novice, it can give the advanced fighter an edge

Wheelman: 2pt- Gain 9-again on all Drive rolls. (Requires Agility 2 and Drive 2)

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Physical Qualities
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