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 Union of South American Nations

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PostSubject: Union of South American Nations   7/5/2017, 02:04

Union of South American Nations
Modelled after the EU, UNASUR was founded just a few years prior to the Sundering. Initially it was meant as a political and financial union between the members of Mercosur, and the Andean Community of Nations, effectively enveloping all countries on South American soil. The formation of RCA robbed UNASUR of its Mesoamerican members, with a wall built between the two coalitions.

Since then, the number of UNASUR members has been cut in half, as the larger countries annexed the smaller ones. The formation of Taralsia was a major blow to the Union, robbing it of one of its greatest resources, the Amazon forest, as well as of several member countries. A century or two later, UNASUR thrives, self-sufficient and able to ignore the world outside its borders.

At the heart of South America, and just to the south-west of Taralsia, the people of Bolivia and Paraguay suffered greatly during the Sundering. To make matters worse, Bolivian forces annexed Paraguay less than a century later, merging the two countries under a single government. Economic inequality increased, and the citizens became cheap labour for the factories.

Serving as the industrial centre of UNASUR, Bolivia managed to hold Taralsia's advance back for nearly a century. While direct conflict between them stopped a decade after the Sundering, there are numerous skirmishes every year, with each side testing the strength of the other. Despite that, most of the technology researched and manufactured here is not military in nature.

The Sundering resulted in the invasion of South America by the forces of Taralsia. Of the remaining countries, Brazil was the one affected most. Losing most of their Amazonian territories, they were forced to look elsewhere to replenish their resources. At the same time, Uruguay was collapsing under an economic crisis and turned to the larger country for help.

Several decades later, Brazil would absorb Uruguay and the new country would serve as the heart of UNASUR. It is the centre of technology, culture, religion, production and distribution, but this has not helped the differences between classes. Most of the country is populated by people living in poverty, while the rich mingle with wealthy visitors from other countries.

The Sundering did not directly affect Argentina and Chile at first but, as instability in the region grew, the two countries decided to face outside threats together. A few years later the corrupt elite in both countries would take power by force, merging them in order to maximise profit. The natural resources unearthed by the aftershocks made the country the financial heart of UNASUR.

While Conosur, as the country is now called, remains one of the most prosperous countries in the world, greed and corruption force the majority of the people to live in poverty while select few enjoy luxurious lives. Its distance from major conflicts has kept Conosur relatively safe and it is considered a popular vacation destination for people outside UNASUR that can afford it.

The invasion and the formation of Taralsia came as a shock to citizens of Ecuador and Peru. Besieged from the east and threatened from the north, they entered an agreement of mutual protection. Five years later, Peruvian forces would cross into Ecuador, under the pretence of protection. Decades later, Ecuador was officially declared a province of the Republic of Peru.

Peru serves primarily as UNASUR's link with the RCA to the north, enabling the trafficking of legal and illegal goods. The country also claims a good portion of the military force of UNASUR and is the main importer of materials, parts and equipment from Bolivia. An exception among UNASUR countries, Peru shows negligible economic inequality between classes.
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Union of South American Nations
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