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 Republic of Central America

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PostSubject: Republic of Central America   7/5/2017, 02:10

Republic of Central America
Faced with an ever changing and increasingly hostile world, the countries of Central America decided to revisit an old idea, the Republic of Central America. Where the original failed, the new Republic found fertile ground in this new world and is considered one of the major players in international matters, especially when it comes to less than legal activities.

Nearly a century after its rebirth, the mainland Republic serves as safe haven for various drug cartels and other criminal organisations. People frequently go missing and those that can afford it employ private security to ensure their safety. The islands on the other hand remain a popular destination and much of the Republic's revenue is due to tourism in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Community
While CariCom was left only with its island members after the Sundering and subsequent terraforming, these countries were able to hold their own against attempts to be conquered by their neighbours. Havana serves as the capitol for the Community but all the islands boast several docks that house the navy of RCA. Privateers, Pirates, and Corsairs own the majority of ships.

After the supervolcano destroyed a good chunk of mainland North America, the resulting tsunami swallowed many of the smaller islands, leaving CariCom in disarray. After decades of rebuilding, the Community is reduced to being used as a vast naval base and a popular tourist destination. Piracy remains a problem, but most prefer to rob tourists off their money on land.

With the whole world in turmoil, the various drug cartels of Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama abandoned all pretence and actively took control of their countries. Eventually joining under a single banner, they dominate the people and monitor all trafficking in the area. The whole country is a vast plantation with several villages scattered throughout, tending to the crops.

The decades following the Sundering were not kind to the people of Colombia. Life is cheap and the cartels reign without resistance. Matters become even worse by the constant infighting and turf wars between various gangs. Illegal trade with other countries and other criminal activities provide RCA with enough revenue to keep international authorities away.

Originally members of the Federation, the states of Alabama, Arkansas, the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia gathered a large number of people that were against giving the land to the Eruhim. Choosing to take arms and reclaim what they considered rightfully theirs, they brought the Confederacy back, splitting off.

For several decades, the Confederacy was locked in a skirmish war with Saguenay, across their border. The majority of the population served in the military or join paramilitary groups, while civilians gathered in megacities for their protection. In recent decades, there have been talks of joining the NAC, as the criminal activities of the other RCA countries have grossly escalated.

New Mexico
Mexico was already in a bad state when Sundering took place, and the situation became worse with the formation of Saguenay. Cut off from the north, they decided to turn south, but this time with arms. In one swift move, the Mexican army, funded and supported in secret by various crime syndicates, annexed the countries of Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Decades later, the new country went under a revival of sorts, with Mesoamerican culture being used as the foundation for a new national identity. The syndicates are still running things, but now they do it under the guise of a strange theocracy that incorporates Catholic, Mayan, Incan and Aztecan beliefs. A rebuilt Mexico City serves as capital for New Mexico and the RCA as a whole.
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Republic of Central America
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