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#Sundered_Realms is a IRC RPG on Where Fantasy meets the Post Apocalyptic. Set on Earth after centuries of devastation and geopolitical upheaval.
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 North American Coalition

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PostSubject: North American Coalition   7/5/2017, 02:24

North American Coalition
With the United States of America being torn apart by the supervolcano erruption, and the formation of Saguenay, Canada failed to remain united and the people of Quebec realised their dream of independence soon after. Despite their differences, the resulting countries decided to band together in a political and cultural alliance in order to better survive in this new world.

The decades following the Sundering were harsh to NAC members, forcing them to rely on past knowledge. With the supervolcano going off, much of their territory was destroyed or transformed in strange ways, with fertile lands and new lakes. At the turn of the new century NAC is one of the bastions of Western civilisation and remains active in international affairs.

American Federation
Already spread thin across the globe during the time of the invasion, the USA was struggling with establishing its place as a superpower. Then the Eruhim appeared, rallying the First Nations tribes around them, in order to reclaim their ancestral lands. Despite the original response, neither side wished war, and the federal government was quick to accept the peace treaty offered by the tribal council.

The secession of the Confederacy from the federation, left the former USA with only a fraction of its states. Now reduced to Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin, the country quickly recovered some its old glory, rediscovering lost technologies.

Arctic States
When the USA was split in two, the citizens of Alaska found themselves isolated by their fellow Americans. With no immediate help from them, they decided to seek help from their next door neighbour, the Canadian province of Yukon, claiming parts of British Columbia as well. The Arctic States, provide for the greatest portion of the NAC's fuel, fish and mining needs.

For decades now, the Arctic States serve the same purpose and people have almost forgotten the way things used to be. Constantly having to drive invaders from Asia back, they have built several forts and strongholds along the coastline. Living conditions have improved slightly, since there is active trade now with Avalon, Saguenay and the other NAC countries.

While Canada was not directly affected by the Sundering, the geopolitical changes caused by it triggered a series of events that would rob the country of a large portion of its territory. Left with Alberta, the southern half of British Columbia, Manitoba, the Northern Territories, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and most of Ontario, the country remains able to provide for itself.

For nearly a century, Canada serves as the heart of NAC, claiming miles of covered fields. The country is responsible for most of the production of raw material and necessary resources. Several megacities house the second largest population in NAC, shielding the people from the harsh conditions that formed after the eruption of the supervolcano under Saguenay.

Republique Quebecoise
The people of Quebec saw the turmoil as an excuse to push for their independence and soon after the invasion they broke off from Canada. With them, they took the provinces to the east, while they conquered part of Ontario, taking advantage of the deserted land due to the mass destruction. They remain friendly with Canada but discourage any talks of rejoining.

During the 21st century, the French-speaking Republic of Quebec has served NAC as its academic hub, attracting scientists and researchers from all fields. While they provide some resources as well, their main export is new designs for aircrafts, ground vehicles and weapons, even exporting some to wealthy Saguenay tribes. The few cities left in the country serve as research facilities and campuses.

Western States
Following the invasion by the Saguenay army, the western states were left alone to fend off any attackers. Rallying around California, Oregon, Washington and what was left of Nevada formed a new government in Sacramento. Serving as the liberal counter to the more conservative eastern Federation, they rely on their exports, vast natural resources, and the entertainment industry for income.

While the global catastrophes brought the movie industry to its knees for several decades, Los Angeles eventually recovered much of its former glory, and the Western States are still a popular vacation spot among the citizens of NAC countries. A rebuilt Portland serves as the centre of industry, but every other major city across the west coast was destroyed by the aftermath of the Sundering.
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North American Coalition
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