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 European Union

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PostSubject: European Union   7/5/2017, 11:16

European Union
With less than a third of its members and size, the Union simply refuses to lay down and die. Already in a financial and political crisis when the Sundering took place, it was crippled further when the region of Arcadia formed in eastern Europe. The UK separated further soon after, while the Scandinavian countries split from the rest before their economy was affected beyond repair.

In the decades that followed the Sundering, the members of the Union had to rely on one another even more and eventually became a proper federation. While they maintain some of their former industrial might, their main exports are culture and foodstuff. Many blamed CERN experiments for the dramatic changes on Earth and technology was shunned for decades.

One of the two poles of the EU, France is a place of culture, fine cuisine and civil unrest. When the Sundering took place, the country was already deep in EU politics, trying to drag itself out of the financial crisis. The removal of certain countries was seen as a chance to improve things but created a wave of immigrants. This resulted in a decade long civil war that tore France apart.

Years later, the dust settled and France was rebuilt, with people turning to agriculture. Due to civil unrest throughout Europe, the Principalities of Andorra and Monaco turned to France for protection, eventually becoming provinces with some level of autonomy. The inflow of wealth from this union was crucial and by 2100 CE France had restored some of its former glory.

If there was one country that gained from the financial crisis in the early 21 st century, it was Germany. While this only benefited the ruling class, the Sundering happened at a fortunate time and prevented the common people from noticing. Germany's military machine was activated once more, with multiple factories creating vehicles and weapons around the clock.

This progress would come to an abrupt stop after the destruction of several factories by Arcadian agents. The resulting depression nearly destroyed the country and people turned away from technology and industry. Decades later, the country would start getting back on its feet and would reclaim its place as the second pole of the EU, under the watchful eye of Arcadia.

A normally peaceful country, the Netherlands watched helpless as the EU and Europe as a whole crumbled around them. Less than five years after the Sundering, their army would march across Belgium and Luxembourg under the pretence of protecting the smaller countries from the turmoil. It is far more likely that it had to do with the rising waters, and the Netherlands eventually sinking.

Regardless of the reason, the absorption led to decades of brutal civil war that decimated the population. By 2030 CE, the three countries were gone, but a new one stood in their place, using the name of an old province. Hollandia serves as the seat of the EU, while it is the greatest energy provider in the continent, with acres of wind farms, hydroelectric plants, and solar generators.

The countries of the Iberian Peninsula were deep in crisis during the Sundering. Matters became worse with the formation of Idurat to the south. Governments were brought down and all infrastructure was dissolved. This led to a period of turmoil that would last nearly a decade. Attempts were made to restore order but were quickly shot down due to old feuds.

Against all odds, the Iberian countries survived and the people decided to band together. With Spain already gone as a single entity, what remained of it, along with Basque Country, Catalonia, Gibraltar and Portugal formed a new country. During this time, people turned to the land and sea for survival, while sea trade thrived and Iberia is considered the main port of the EU.
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European Union
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