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 Neutral Countries

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PostSubject: Neutral Countries   7/5/2017, 11:28

Neutral Countries
In the midst of international organisations with dozens of members, some countries choose or are forced to walk alone. The Sundering did not change that, it did however change what these countries were, and what form their neutrality took. Treading the minefield of international politics carefully, not to mention the new threats that arose, these countries are able to stand their own among giants.

Despite their neutrality, these countries found it wise to form a loose alliance with each other, to better protect their interests. The Neutral Zone, as they are sometimes referred to, is the only organisation without a standing army but in nearly one century of life it had no need for one. Despite the official line however, several private armies can be found in these countries.

Baltic Republic
Separated by their allies to the west due to the formation of Arcadia and their allies to the north because of isolationism, the countries on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were left to fend for themselves. All three were deep in financial crisis at the turn of the 21st century and things only got worse with the turmoil that swallowed Europe.

Two decades after the Sundering, all social structure had broken down and the three countries were no more. From the ashes, a new nation was born, with a common national identity and ready to defend itself. While the Baltic Republic remains the poorest of the neutral countries, its main export is skilled workers and specialists, both in military and civilian areas.

The small island country of Iceland was always an odd case among Europeans. The first country to survive the economic crisis of the early 21 st century, they quickly grew in importance after the formation of Utgard. Thanks to its location, Iceland served as neutral ground and a trade station between the new country and mainland Europe for the first few decades.

As the situation in Europe worsened, Iceland was isolated and its ties to Utgard strengthened. Nearly a century later, Iceland is a not a member of the restored EU but is in very good standing with the Mithbari region of Utgard. A hub for most travel and trade in the area, Iceland thrived and became one of the most technologically and socially advanced nations in the continent.

A country in crisis during the Sundering, Italy was almost destroyed in the decade that followed. Buckling under pressure from their allies to the north and threatened by the formation of two Mithbari regions to the south and east, Italy was also forced to accept a wave of immigrants from the sinking island of Malta. By 2020 CE, Italy was a country on the verge of collapse.

The means to survival came in the form of the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican City State. Threatened by the growing unrest, the two countries decided to use their wealth to aid the people. As a result, Italy became a neo-feudal society, ruled by the Catholic Church and a small elite. With a stable economy it started open trade with both Arcadia and Idurat.

Liechtenstein and Switzerland have both been traditionally neutral countries throughout the ages, only marginally connected to their European neighbours. It was no surprise that they remained neutral during the turmoil that followed the Sundering and the formation of Arcadia. With no army of their own, the two countries relied on their economic power to protect themselves.

While most Arcadians had little respect for money and banks, they understood the power the two countries held among Europeans. Trade routes were opened and it was not long before the two countries merged, uniting under Switzerland's banner. In the decades that followed this union, the mountains of Liechtenstein became the monetary centre of the civilised world.
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Neutral Countries
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