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 Nordic Council

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PostSubject: Nordic Council   7/5/2017, 11:40

Nordic Council
When the Nordic Council was founded back in 1952, nobody could imagine the role it would play in the century after. Nobody would guess that its members would be reduced to just Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden by the year 2014. Brought together by the Council, these countries thrived despite the worldwide unrest. The price to pay for this was isolation from everyone else.

Unwilling to follow the rest of Europe in the breakdown of social structure, or the complete abandonment of advanced technology, the members of the Council closed their borders to the outside world and turned to each other for help. Nearly a century later, the Nordic Council is one of the most advanced federations on the planet. A small but vocal minority, wishes to open relations with Utgard.

Fairly untouched by the economic crisis of the early 21 st century, the Kingdom of Denmark was one of the few European countries without signs of social unrest. To protect themselves, the people of Denmark decided to break off from the EU, choosing to strengthen their ties to the other Nordic countries. With a fairly strong economy the country thrived in the middle of chaos.

Denmark serves as the main provider of food and energy for the Nordic Council, a role made more important in the decades following the Sundering. Its borders on land are protected by the Nordic Wall, a structure erected in 2020 CE. Due to its geography, Denmark is the gateway to the countries of the Council. Their historical ties to Utgard gave rise to a traditionalist movement in recent years.

Even before the Sundering, Finland was a country based on industry, with limited resources and even less food production. Secure from the crisis that almost destroyed Europe, Finland was able to prosper and advance. Remote provinces like the Aland Islands served as a window to the outside world, attracting trade and tourists from neighbouring countries.

When the islands were swallowed by the ocean in 2023 CE, the people migrated to the mainland, maintaining some of their autonomy. This was a blow to the country's economy, but they fell back to their industry infrastructure. In the decades that followed, Finland would remain the industrial heart of the Nordic Council, importing raw material from the other countries.

During the crisis of the early 21 st century, the northernmost country of Europe watched from a safe distance. As the mainland collapsed, Norway turned to its Nordic allies, proposing withdrawal from European politics. That decision proved to be the salvation of the Nordic countries, and Norway became the permanent de facto leader of the Council in 2017 CE.

With access to the ocean and a biodiverse environment, it is no surprise that Norway is one of the greatest providers of natural resources for the Council. The country boasts several docks and is the seat of the Nordic Navy, the main defensive force of the Council. The civilian fleet is also impressive in numbers, even though it is mostly fishing boats and whale hunters.

Before the Sundering, Sweden was active in both European and global politics but the growing economic crisis put an end to that. By 2013 CE, Sweden was forced to turn its attention inward, to the members of the Nordic Council. With the rest of Europe in turmoil, it no longer had a viable market for the advanced technology it provided but isolation helped the Nordic countries survive.

Nine decades later, Sweden would be the most technologically advanced country on Earth, with the possible exception of one or two Mithbari regions. Able to provide for all commercial and military needs for the Council and the restored EU, it quickly became one of the richest countries as well. As one would expect, advanced weapons technology is only made for Council members.
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Nordic Council
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