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#Sundered_Realms is a IRC RPG on Where Fantasy meets the Post Apocalyptic. Set on Earth after centuries of devastation and geopolitical upheaval.
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 United Kingdom

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PostSubject: United Kingdom   7/5/2017, 11:56

United Kingdom
Once the largest empire in the world, the UK was already greatly diminished by the time the Sundering took place. Reduced to just four member countries and a couple of overseas territories, it still managed to withstand the crisis. Shaken out of their complacency, the United Kingdom would soon have to make a stand in order to survive in the new world. The formation of Avalon was seen as a sign by many traditionalists.

When the number of refugees became too great, the UK closed off its borders and broke off from the EU. This did not stop civil unrest, and for two decades, the British Isles would be torn by civil war. The UK survived with its remaining members still standing but the internal balance of power was drastically altered. By 2100 CE, all four countries of the UK would be equals.

England was only affected by the economic crisis indirectly before the Sundering. When mainland Europe was invaded, however, the waves of immigrants almost brought the country to its knees. The Olympic Games of 2012 CE were the final nail in the coffin, destroying the struggling economy of the once mighty empire and riots would become a daily occurrence.

Losing all territories outside the British Isles, and several within, England was reduced in size and power. Despite that, the people were not broken and the country serves as the seat of the UK throughout the 21st century. With nothing but its culture to keep the nations together, England had to spend decades rebuilding its legend and establish its place among the British countries.

Ireland was one of the countries most affected by the economic crisis of 2008 CE and the Sundering only made things worse. Just four years later, civil unrest was peaking and all forms of government dissolved. With people taking over and England in dire straits, what followed was to be expected. In 2016 CE, the resurfaced IRA rallied the people to reclaim Northern Ireland.

More than eight decades later, the Republic of Ireland is the main provider of resources and goods for the UK. It also acts as the main port for trade with Utgard and Iceland. No longer in the EU, Ireland has survived the crisis but the majority of the people are far from wealthy. Sometime after 2040 CE, a revival of the Celtic religion took place, with old customs making a return.

From the large cities in the Lowlands to remote villages of the Highlands, Scotland was only indirectly affected by the economic crisis of 2008 CE. Following the unification of Ireland, Scotland decided to shake English rule off, realising a centuries old dream. They would remain a part of UK, offering shelter to refugees from the sinking Faroe Islands and the Isle of Man.

Throughout the 21st century, Scotland would be responsible for most research and technology in the UK. During the Celtic Revival of 2040 CE, Scotland became a land of opposites, with ancient rituals and beliefs dominating the countryside in the Midlands and Highlands, while the urban areas of the Lowlands dedicated themselves to advances in technology.

Rarely thought of aside from England or the UK as a whole, Wales was forced to take a stand when unrest threatened to destroy the British Isles. Initially severing ties with their neighbours, they restored old castles and citadels, grouping around them and forming new communities. With all major cities destroyed by 2020 CE, when Wales rejoined the UK it was a neo-feudal society.

Wales is responsible for the majority of animal products in the UK, with numerous farms and factories. The land is also covered by power plants that provide most of the energy produced in the UK. The majority of the people are hard working middle class or farmers, with a small elite of nobles that rules the country. Along the coast one can find several fishing villages.
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United Kingdom
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