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#Sundered_Realms is a IRC RPG on Where Fantasy meets the Post Apocalyptic. Set on Earth after centuries of devastation and geopolitical upheaval.
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 New Soviet Union

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PostSubject: New Soviet Union   7/5/2017, 12:58

New Soviet Union
After the Sundering, Russia took it upon itself to protect the neighbouring weaker countries, forming a New Soviet Union with Georgia and Mongolia, under a strong, but often totalitarian, leadership. The revived USSR, no longer communist, is a major force in global affairs and one of the few Earth international organisations in relatively good terms with Mithbari regions.

Their initial response to the Sundering, however, was nuclear war but seeing the limited effect it had on the invading armies, the USSR leadership decided to tolerate their new neighbours. The citizens thrive but not all people are welcome or wanted. Dissidents often find themselves near the borders with Utgard, something that has affected that region greatly.

Suffering under soviet rule for much of the 20th century, Georgia was only starting to develop into a modern country at the time of the Sundering. That dream was crushed by the shifting political map and the country found itself quickly sinking in debt. While it had the necessary infrastructure and the goods, it lacked financial backing and soon it was forced to turn to Russia for help.

Decades later, Georgia is a thriving country that serves as the public face for the New Soviet Union. The image it presents is that of a modern, liberal country, with all the comforts westerners are used to. A popular destination for tourists and businessmen alike, the country also serves as the trade hub of the NSU in the west. Dealing mostly with the EU, it avoids trade with the IC.

A country with a struggling economy during the early 21st century, Mongolia was the first to turn to Russia for help. Surprisingly, their reasons for doing so had more to do with fearing the Chinese instead of the economic crisis. Its production of crops and minerals was not enough to make a difference for the NSU, but their geopolitical importance was too great to pass on.

Mongolia now serves as the eastern trade outlet of the NSU, dealing mostly with Avalon, and the countries of the EAC. Little has changed for the people but a large military force protects the production facilities of the country and even more are stationed at the borders. While unknown to its neighbours, Mongolia also houses a good portion of the nuclear arsenal of NSU.

One of the two major superpowers at the time of the invasion, Russia only saw its power increase in the decades that followed. Officially a democracy, the country led the formation of the NSU with capitalism instead of communism as its preferred system. Despite the change, many are those that see the new regime as a resurrection of the old and just as dangerous.

Russia is the heart of the NSU in all possible ways. Serving as the economic, military and cultural centre, it rules the NSU with an iron fist. While harsh with its internal or external enemies, the Russian government rewards its allies and some believe it maintains a network of spies in virtually all countries in the world, including the Mithbari regions.
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New Soviet Union
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