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#Sundered_Realms is a IRC RPG on Where Fantasy meets the Post Apocalyptic. Set on Earth after centuries of devastation and geopolitical upheaval.
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 East Asian Community

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PostSubject: East Asian Community   7/5/2017, 13:07

East Asian Community
Rising from the ashes of ASEAN and the East Asian Summit, EAC has been a major force in the region but one that is surrounded by hostile or neutral forces. EAC was already in the works when the Sundering shattered Earth, eliminating many of the countries that would be members in this union, but the idea was put on hold for a decade as the rest regrouped and reached out.

The main population is of Chinese descent, while the islands of Japan and the unified Korean peninsula complete the whole. To the north of Kal Dhakhan and Fidessa, to the northeast of Sambala, and with the New Soviet Union on top, EAC is in the middle of a political and military whirlwind that has raged on for nearly a century. While it has a population of billions, most live in poor rural areas.

Japan was at the height of technological advancement when the Sundering happened. Isolated from the rest of the world, it was not directly affected by the worldwide developments. Closing off their borders, they employed their technology to shield the islands from creatures they viewed as foreign and unnatural. They only reached to their neighbours a few years later, after a catastrophic nuclear disaster.

Since then, Japan has been the research and development centre for EAC, whether it is items for civilian use or weapons and vehicles for military use. While some of the islands sunk, they were quickly replaced by new ones made of metal, showcasing the industrial and engineering might of the country. It is said that these islands are covert military bases.

Republic of China
Seeing the Sundering of the Earth and the loss of Tibet as a blessing in hiding, the government of China invaded Taiwan, under the pretence of protecting the smaller country. Taiwan was turned into a Chinese province and the matter was considered over with by international organisations. For most people in either country little was changed in the years that followed.

The Republic of China is easily the military arm of EAC, as well as the main provider of food and resources. The majority of people lead simple lives in the countryside working the fields, while a small educated minority populates the cities. A founding member of EAC, they turned to their allies to better protect themselves against what they saw as alien forces.

United Korea
The Sundering and subsequent invasion of Earth by Mithbari forces served as an excuse for North Korea to try and invade the South, merging the two countries together. The initial attack resulted in heavy losses on both sides with no clear winner and the war lasted for nearly two decades. In the end the two countries had no choice but to unite or risk being absorbed by their neighbouring countries.

In the years that followed, Koreans formed a single national identity and the past is buried under the need for survival and sovereignty. Self-sufficient in most ways, the country rose out of the civil war with its infrastructure destroyed but quickly rebuilt everything. United Korea joined EAC around 2010 CE and has served as the organisation's trade centre ever since.
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East Asian Community
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