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 Social Qualities

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PostSubject: Social Qualities   16/5/2017, 15:14

Allies: 1-5pt- Allies are people who are willing to help your character from time to time. They may be associates, friends of convenience or people who owe your character a favor. Each acquisition of this quality is dedicated to one type of ally, whether in an organization, society or circle. Examples include the police, City Hall, criminals, unions, banks, university faculty and hospital staff. In order to have alliances in more than one venue, you need to purchase this quality multiple times, each trait with its own dots. Thus, your character might have Allies (Police) ••, Allies (Criminals) ••• and Allies (City Hall) •, each acquired separately at character creation or during play. (For further detail, please refer to the WoD Corebook, or speak with an ST)

Animal Companion: 1-5pt- Loyal animal partner with intelligence and capability proportional to dots in this quality. As with other multi-level qualities of this type, the type of animal, the level of intelligence, the overall power it has are determined by the level of the quality purchased.

Anonymity: 2-4pt- Each dot of this quality grants a -1 penalty on all attempts to investigate your character. Mundane methods may not be as successful as you like, while supernatural or otherworldly levels of investigation may or may not result in credible information. See ST for more clarification on this quality and how it will pertain. (Requires Resilience 2 and Larceny OR Subterfuge 2)

Armory: 1-5pt- Own an array of weapons and armor. May be shared among multiple characters. (Requires Resources 3. Also see ST for clarification/approval upon taking this quality.)

Barfly: 1pt- No matter what town or city your character is in, he can find his way into the best nightspots with a few quick words and a timely bribe. There isn’t a velvet rope made that can keep him out of a restaurant or club.

Contacts: 1-5 pt- Effect: Contacts provide your character information in a particular area of awareness. Each dot in this quality represents one arena or circle in which your character has a web of connections and from which he may draw information. If he has Contacts •••, his dots might be assigned to computer hackers, couriers and big business, respectively. Contacts can include individuals whom you or the Storyteller defines, but more likely they comprise an array of people from whom your character can draw information with a phone call, email or face-to-face query. Contacts is strictly information-gathering. Contacts do not come perform services for your character or rush to his aid. Those actions are the purview of other qualities such as Allies and Retainer. (For further detail, please refer to the WoD Corebook or speak with an ST)

Fame: 1-3pt- Effect: Your character has a measure of recognition in today’s media-saturated society, possibly as a performer, athlete, politician or other sort of public personality. He’s frequently identified and can often get star treatment. On the other hand,it’s difficult for your character to go places without being recognized, and the media watches him
carefully. Each dot adds a +1 modifier to your character’s Socialize (or Persuasion, where applicable)rolls among those
who are impressed by his celebrity status. Drawback: The more famous your character is, the more easily he is recognized by the public. The Storyteller should apply the same +1 modifier per dot to a general Wits + Resilience roll to see if he is recognized by anyone on the street. An exceptional success indicates that one or more people are loyal fans who approach him for autographs, pictures and long conversations.

Fence: 1 or 3pt- Always find a way to buy and sell stolen goods. (Requires Common Lore 3)

Ingratiating Wanderer: 2pt- Gain a bonus to locate authority figures within a local power structure.

Inspiring: 4pt-  Effect: Your character is able to rally others in times of great distress, renewing their courage and determination in the face of adversity. Once per game session, your character can exhort those around him to redouble their efforts in the face of great stress or danger. Make a Resilience + Persuasion roll. If the roll succeeds, any individuals who actively assist your character and who are within earshot regain one spent Will (not to exceed their total Will). The character may not use this Merit on himself, and may not use it on the same subjects more than once a day

Mentor: 1-5pt- Effect: This Merit gives your character a friend and teacher who provides her with advice and guidance. Your character’s mentor acts on her behalf, although the Storyteller determines exactly how. A mentor usually offers advice, allowing the Storyteller to use him to help guide your character through tough situations. A mentor may also use his influence or abilities to help your character out, although he probably wants to see his charge do things for herself. A mentor is likely to give up in disgust on a pupil who constantly asks for aid. Mentors may also ask for something in return for their assistance, which can lead your character into some interesting situations. The number of dots purchased in this quality determines the relative power, knowledge and experience of your character’s teacher. One dot indicates a mentor with one or more specialized Skills and a small amount of experience in your character’s field of interest. Two dots indicate a mentor with a wide range of capability and experience in your character’s field of interest. Three dots indicate a mentor possessing a broad range of Skills, years of experience and significant influence in your character’s field of interest. Four dots indicate a mentor who not only possesses a broad range of Skills and decades (or in some cases, centuries) of experience,he is also a preeminent figure with major influence in your character’s field of interest. Five dots indicate a mentor with towering influence and power in your character’s field of interest. A five-dot patron watches over your character and influences her life in ways both obvious and subtle, and likely has an agenda in which your character is pivotal.

Resources: 1-5pt-

Slaves: 1-5pt-

Status: 1-5 pt- Your character has standing, credentials, authority or respect within an organization, group, company
or social body. He might have an official position or title, or might simply be revered and honored within the group and therefore accorded a degree of authority. Your character might be a company vice president, a police sergeant or lieutenant, an army corporal or a nurse at a hospital. Or he could be a lowly member of the group whom everyone likes or who has won some acclaim and is allowed more standing than he is officially entitled. Each acquisition of this Merit is dedicated to one type of authority, whether in an organization, society or circle. Examples include police,City Hall, criminals, unions, banks, a university faculty and hospital staff. In order to have authority in more than one venue, you need to purchase this quality multiple times, each trait with its own dots.

Striking Looks: 2 or 4pt- Effect: Your character is exceptionally attractive by modern standards;heads turn and conversations stop when she enters a room. For two dots, your character gets a +1 modifier to all  rolls when she attempts to use her looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive others. For four dots, your character’s looks are angelic; she
gets a +2 modifier. Drawback: The more attractive your character is, the harder it is for her to avoid notice in public. Witnesses to any criminal acts are much more likely to remember your character’s appearance, and easily recognize her in a lineup. Your character is also likely to receive a great degree of unwanted attention in social situations

Unobtrusive: 3pt- +2 to escape notice while casing a target under cover of some mundane activity. (Requires Stealth 2).
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Social Qualities
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