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 The Races

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PostSubject: The Races    1/5/2017, 22:11

Firstborn (NPC Races)

1. Primordials

--> Avatars- Unique: Genius Loci (Most powerful Attuned ever)

Aranen: Stone giants, living embodiments of the land they inhabit

Gondiel: Psychopomps, grimm reapers, valkyries, harbingers of death

Henlach: Demon-like humanoids, often associated with fire and shadow

Lindaith: Angel-like winged humanoids, often associated with lightning and light

Tawaren: Eldrich entiries that embody the flora and fauna of their territory

--> Elementals- Unique: Force of Nature (Most powerful Infused ever)

Djinn: Air spirits, sometimes winged, often intangible, ever curious

Dryads: Tree nymphs that are tied to their home turf

Efreet: Creatures of living flame, very passionate and easily aroused

Shikintars: Metallic predators that are drawn to places of power

Undines: Sea nymphs, usually found in large bodies of water

2. Primals

--> Chimeras

Avarath: Bat-like humanoids that prefer high places, usually predatory

Harpies: Bird-like humanoids that nest in high places, pestering others

Naranth: Arachnids of various types that hunt other sentient creatures

Ravan'lagh: Serpentine humanoids that are predatory and territorial

Urakten: Scorpion men, inspiration for Akkadian and Aztec myths

--> Cryptids

Cyclopes: One-eyed humanoids with a taste for human flesh

Draugar: Corpse-like flesheaters, the inspiration for mummies and revenants

Fomori: Giant humanoids with animal features, hostile to humans

Trolls: Green skinned humanoids with impressive regenerative abilities

Wendigo: Neanderthal-like humanoids found all across the globe

Secondborn (PC Races)

--> Humans- Unique: Adaptable (3 free qualities, up to 3 points each)

Tellurians: Mankind as it was before the Sundering.
Against All Odds (+2 Will)
Jack of All Trades (Reduced cost for skill levels 1-3))

--> Proteans- Unique: Shifter (they have two alternate forms. One of which is a hybrid form. Consider this the war form where the big nasty comes out to eat faces and kill all the things. The second alternate form is a 'species' form, dependent upon the type of Protean you choose. Due to this, they only receive one quality per type instead of two.)

Daegraw: Mammalian shifters of various types
Keen Senses (+2 to Awareness rolls)

Faen'ra: Avian shifters of various types
Hollow Bones (jump higher, less damage from falling)

Naga: Reptilian shifters of various types
Coldblooded (-2 against social manipulation)

Ryujin: Draconic shifters of various types
Natural Armor (+1 against bashing damage)

Selkies: Aquatic shifters of various types
Water Baby (no penalties or speed loss in water, +3 for swimming)

--> Spectrals- Unique: Awesome Countenance (+2 in Charisma)

Banshees: White skinned humanoids, often mistaken for ghosts
Death Wail (ability to stun others with a scream)
Voice of the Banshee (+3 in all checks dealing with the voice)

Furies: Humanoids with various animal features, usually wild
Natural Weaponry (claws, fangs, horns, varies per type)
One With the Land (+3 to stealth in the wild)

Gargoyles: Winged humanoids that turn to stone at day
Gliding (limited flight, not self powered)
Skin of Stone (+3 armour for bashing and lethal)

Hvilfar: Pale changelings that hide their true nature
Expert Actor (+3 to deception/persuasion/performance)
Shifting Visage (able to change features to anyone they've seen)

Lilin: Succubi, demonic humanoids that feed on emotions
Alternate Form (they get a more humanoid form)
Dark Side of Empathy (they feed on and manipulate emotions)


1. Fae

--> Eldar- Unique: Graceful Defense (+2 in defense)

Cuerryn: Wood elves, wilder than the others
Beastmaster (+3 to handling animals)
Nature's Passage (+3 to awareness or tracking in the wild)

Naraned: Sea elves, usually blue-skinned
Seaworthy (+3 to navigating, operating, maintaining a ship)
Water Baby (no penalties or speed loss in water, +3 for swimming

Saeg'hul: Dark elves, living underground
Cunning's Edge (win all ties on dice rolls with a threshold of 1)
Infrared Vision (able to see all the way to infrared)

Tekalad: Desert elves, lean, sturdy nomads
Mirage (+3 stealth while in desert or near desert conditions)
Preserver (+1 Vitality and Survival for self and those in close proximity)

Ysta'are: High elves, weaker than the rest
Naturally Attuned (reduce xp multiples by 2 when buying attunements with xp)
True Sight (free roll to detect optical deception)

--> Hauflins- Unique: Easily Ignored (+3 in all stealth related stuff)

Ghouls: Stealthy scavengers, corpse-eaters
Carrion Eater (gain health by consuming dead flesh)
Death Sight (can sense dead or dying people)

Goblins: Tough humanoids, skilled fighters
Robust Physiology (+2 resistance to toxins and venoms)
Willowing (ignore wound penalties)

Kobolds: Beast-like humanoids, quite durable
Natural Weaponry (claws, fangs, horns, varies per type)
Swarm Tactics (+1 in attack rolls for every kobold above 2)

Pookas: Dexterous humanoids, curious and mercurial
Fearless (-3 for Intimidation rolls against them)
Sticky Fingers (+3 to all larceny rolls)

Tellem: Halflings and Gnomes, short humanoids
Improbable Aim (ignore all penalties due to cover)
Iron Stomach (can consume anything without ill effect)

2. Hominids

--> Humans- Unique: Adaptable (3 free qualities, up to 3 points each)

Ateri: Saharan stock, brown skinned, desert nomads
Qualities: same as Tellurians

Bantori: African stock, black skinned, quite advanced
Qualities: same as Tellurians

Dacri: Eastern European stock, white skinned, versatile
Qualities: same as Tellurians

Empyri: Roma stock, brown skinned, passionate rebels
Social Chameleon (+2 in all social rolls except Intimidation)
Swagger (-2 for all attempts to influence them socially)

Eruhim: Native American and Mongol stock, skilled warriors
Ancestral Memory (+3 to a roll per day)
Natural Born Killer (+1 for all attack rolls)

Jotunar: Scandinavian stock, white skinned, huge berserkers
Berserker (ignore wound penalties)
Immovable Object (cannot be moved or knocked unless Mass +1 or greater)

Kathai: South Asian stock, yellow skinned, versatile
Qualities: same as Tellurians

Suebi: Germanic and South African stock, variable skinned, industrious
Qualities: same as Tellurians

Wampyri: North European stock, white skinned, coldblooded
Blood Magic (+2 in all attunement rolls when they drink blood)
Dead Inside (-2 to all attempts at Empathy or Intimidation against them)

Zangir: West and South Asian stock, brown skinned, versatile
Qualities: same as Tellurians

--> Dwarves- Unique: Short and Stout (+2 in Vitality, +1 Strength, -1 Mass)

Drakhazim: Smaller than others, grey-skinned, slavers
Danger Sense (free roll to detect danger)
Lords of the Flesh Trade (+5 to social rolls against slaves or officials)

Dun Khaz: Nimble forest dwellers, mad engineers
Master Builder (2 automatic successes for crafting)
Pretty Quick for a Dwarf (+2 to Speed, Defense)

Magnakhaz: Typical dwarves, smiths and stone carvers
Kings Under the Mountain (+2 Will and immunity to knockdown when touching ground)
Riddle of Steel (blacksmithing successes are treated as exceptional)

Khazadir: Taller than others, sailors and traders
Seaworthy (+3 to navigating, operating, maintaining a ship)
Unbalanced Balance (+2 defense when on a ship, partial cover when shot)

Rakhaz: War-like, passionate, often redheaded
Berserker (ignore wound penalties)
Red Rage (+2 to Strength, Agility, Vitality, by spending will)

--> Orcs- Unique: Fast Healer (doubles the speed of healing)

Eqyrad: Red-skinned, lean and mean, magically inclined
Magically Inclined (+1 dot in any attunement realm at character creation)
Silver Tongue (+2 in social rolls)

Graghur: Green-skinned, short and stocky, beastmasters
Beastmaster (+3 to handling animals)
Stare Down (contested roll with animals, leads to empathic bond)

Makara: Blue-skinned, adaptable, aquatic features
Oceanborn (1 aquatic feature per 2 Vitality points)
Water Baby (no penalties or speed loss in water, +3 for swimming

Wundhur: Brown-skinned, big and tall, nomadic
Gigantic (+1 Mass, +1 Strength)
Might Makes Right (they can use strength for social rolls)

Xendiath: Grey-skinned, durable, often replace parts
Easily Replaceable (they can replace body parts with artificial ones without penalty)
Machinehead (ability to draw on reserves in order to keep going)

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The Races
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