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#Sundered_Realms is a IRC RPG on Where Fantasy meets the Post Apocalyptic. Set on Earth after centuries of devastation and geopolitical upheaval.
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 New Atlantis

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Lith Maethor

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PostSubject: New Atlantis   12/8/2017, 21:39

Few remember where the original Atlantis stood, before the oceans devoured it, but when the Sundering happened New Atlantis resurfaced in a manner that could not be denied. As the Earth shook, the island chain of Hawaii underwent a drastic change, and the volcanoes came back to life. As the sea level rose and fell, new land was formed by the flowing lava, turning the islands into one big landmass.

Prominent Factions:

  • Crimson Knives: The most feared assassin's guild on the face of the planet, the Knives use the island nation as their hub of operations, taking advantage of its neutrality, and general lack of policing.
  • Shadow Sisterhood: Another assassin's guild, at first glance, the female-only Sisterhood spreads throughout the globe from the island. Their true agenda is known to few, even as their reputation grows.

Prominent Races:
A melting pot of various cultures and races, New Atlantis is populated by almost every civilised species on the planet, and some of the uncivilised ones. As expected, humans remain the majority of the population.
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New Atlantis
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