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#Sundered_Realms is a IRC RPG on Where Fantasy meets the Post Apocalyptic. Set on Earth after centuries of devastation and geopolitical upheaval.
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 Arcadian Coallition

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PostSubject: Arcadian Coallition   7/12/2018, 21:29

Location: Eastern Europe, south of the Baltic States, Coast of Asia Minor

  • Cimmeria (Belarus, Ukraine), [white stag on green field]
  • Dacia (Hungary, Moldova, Romania), [golden draco on blue and red field horizontal]
  • Grecia (parts of Albania, Greece, parts of Skopje, East Thrace and West Coast of Minor Asia), [vergina sun over white cross on blue field]
  • Prussia (Czechia, Poland, Slovakia), [black eagle on white and red field vertical]
  • Slavia (Albania, Bulgaria, most former Yugoslavian states) [white eagle on red and blue field vertical]

Prominent Factions: The Hallowed Garden, Wardens of the Wild
Prominent Races: Cuerryn, Cyclopes, Dacri, Dryads, Fulkhaz, Pookas

Description: several walled towns and settlements, scattered throughout the land, with the rest of it claimed by thick forests. while the areas around the walls are rather safe, it's near suicidal for someone to travel alone, or stray too far from established paths. the terrain ranges from icy mountains to sandy beaches.

The city that was Thessaloniki before the sundering was a progressive coastal city, home to half a million people.  It was a cultural center, a university city, and a jewel on the sea for tourists and its residents alike.  Then the world that was fell apart.  The city after the devastation was reduced to near rubble, hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and the tidal waves that swept in off the mediterranean sea.  The city was on the brink of being lost, like so many other hundreds of cities across the globe, though ironically it was Thessaloniki's past that saved her future.

The only structures that survived well enough to be considered usable were the old structures that had withstood the test of time, the relics of the past left there by the Roman and the Byzantine Empires.  These ruins would come to form the foundation of the city's rebirth in the aftermath of the Sundering and the decades beyond it.  

The years after the sundering saw an influx of people to the battered city, refugees from various races flocked to its streets to seek safety from the horrors of that time, sustained within those ancient walls.  There they started the slow process of rebuilding, banding together as best they could, despite their differences.

The City

As the city grew, under the name "Solun" which is what most nearby foreigners called it before the Sundering, it would come to take the form of a crescent along the coast with four distinct baileys forming around the city's old burroughs. These baileys are each ruled by one of the guilds, and are coloured by their permeating presence.

The western bailey takes about one third of the city's footprint, with houses to the east, and all manners of industry and farming toward the outskirts. Ruled by the Sons of Heracles, it's home to the city's crafters and farmers. Of note, is the round arena/theatre that can be found there, between the residential and industrial quarters.

The eastern bailey, takes about one fifth of the city, and is home to artists and sailors. One of the most pleasant parts of the city, it holds many larger estates, as well as the city's stadium along the western border of the bailey. Notable for its vibrant nightlife and numerous artistic venues, it's ruled by the Sons of Apollo, and serves as the city's secondary port used by recreational and fishing vessels.

The south bailey, taking the majority of the remaining area, is the heart of the city and home to the militant Sons of Ares. The 'white' tower down by the water, serves as the headquarters of the local Wardens, while the old cathedral serves as headquarters for the local Gardeners. Remnants of the old infrastructure can be seen across the bailey, with the main docks, and parks, hospitals, churches, or the odd campus structure peppering the landscape.

The north bailey, smallest of the four, stands on the hill overlooking the city, and is built around the ancient castles found there. Home to the group calling themselves "Citizens" - but derogatorily referred to as "Baoki" by the rest - it is where most of the city's scholars, and nobles can be found. Claiming an inordinate number of cafes, even by local standards, it provides the iconic look for the city, blending all its history together.

The Guilds

The mithbari refugees had their own leaders and hierarchies to fall back to, but for the humans that remained, the solution came in the form of the many sports clubs that were prominent in the city before the Sundering. Already a source of identity, they gave rise to community leaders that were sorely needed. At first, they operated as little more than gangs, but over time they developed into something more, and the truth about their origin was lost to time... unlike their rivalry.

Base of Operations: North Bailey - Ano Poli (Upper City")
Coat of Arms: White two-headed eagle on black field
Composition: Mostly human, minorities of cuerryn, fulkhaz, and pookas

Sons of Apollo
Base of Operations: Eastern Bailey - Kalamaria ("Portside")
Coat of Arms: Black lyre on red field
Composition: Mostly human, decent numbers of cuerryn and pookas

Sons of Ares
Base of Operations: South Bailey - Paralia ("Beach")
Coat of Arms: Black crossed spears on yellow field
Composition: Mostly human, the majority of cuerryn

Sons of Heracles
Base of Operations: Western Bailey - Ampelokipoi ("Vineyards")
Coat of Arms: Blue club on white field
Composition: Mostly human, the majority of the fulkhaz dwarves

The Races

The races that flooded into Solun were as widespread as its history.  The human population had its own troubles to deal with, and this influx of alien people's did little to lighten the burden at first.  However, it took little time for the beleaguered people to come together.

The Dacri came from the lands beyond after the sundering, a Human race that at first were seen as invaders.  However, after finding the cultural similarities, the Tellurian population quickly adopted them into the fold of the city.

The Fulkhaz Dwarves were met with relatively open arms after the initial shock wore off.  Through their inventions, innovations, and general ability, they helped to vault Solun forward by decades in its rebuilding process

The Pookas however, were not as well greated at first.  Seen more as an annoyance due to their wild and curious natures, it took the people of Solun some time to come to grips with this new race.

Last but not least, the Cuerryn Eldar were met with awe and at times distrust by the locals.  Their ways seemed alien, their long lifespan gained them distrust and jealousy.  However with that time on their side, and perseverance, they gained a place among the people of the City.

The Rule

Solun’s standing Archon is a Cuerryn Eldar by the name of Alarion Pedrahon.  An ancient elf, Alarion was appointed as the leader during the dark times of the post sundering world in Solun, and has ruled with a just hand since.  Assisting the Ruler is a sitting council of Elders, these community leaders and guild heads advise and assist Alarion in daily matters and the governing of the city and its people.  Beyond the community, he has a war council as well, advising him in matters of city defense on the hotly contested waters of the Mediterranean.

The Law

The law of the land has not changed much since the time of the Romans, nor does it seem to be ready to change anytime soon either.  The laws are written and known by the people, with the City Guard upholding the laws and seated Judges hearing to societal matters and offenses against this law.

To further assist the City Guard is the local chapter of the Wardens of the Wild.  They not only help to keep the peace and defend the city from both external and internal strife, but they also patrol the wilds around Solun, keeping roads safe from bandits and the waters off shore clear of Pirates.

Places of Interest

The Arena:

The Docks: Located in the southwest end of the southern bailey, the docks have largely withstood the passage of time. While most of the advanced equipment of ages past is long gone, what remains serves as a reminder of the city’s past… even as an inoperable part of the scenery.

The Castles: The heart of the northern bailey, the area where the Archon’s keep is. Referred to as “kastra” by the locals, some of the structures have stood for nearly a thousand years.

The Roman Market:

The Barrens:  If Solun had a hive of scum and villainy, Toumpa would be it.  Often patrolled by larger groups of City Guard, this stretch of interlocking streets is home to most of the dive bars and dark corners of the city.  Its rumored to be haven to a guild of thieves and cut throats as well.

The White Tower: A prison and torture chamber in ages past, the tower has been a symbol of the city for centuries. Now, it serves as headquarters for the Wardens, overlooking the city’s waterfront. The area near it claims some of the most prestigious venues in the bailey.

The Wind Wall: Separating the residential part of the western bailey from the rest, in an area called Vardaris by the locals, stands an intricate wall. It is mostly the dwarves of the area that understand the mechanics, but the wall harnesses the wind that gives the area its name, producing energy for the surrounding facilities.

The Cast
The Elder Council:
Alarion Pedrahon:  The seated ruler of Solun, this ancient Cuerryn has lasted on the throne for generations, and is seen as the Father of the City. A high druid of the Hallowed Garden, he is a religious figure as well as a political one. A widower of many years, he has turned his focus on his city and the surrounding lands, now that his two children are well into adulthood.

Daeris Auriel:  The high priestess of the local Hallowed Garden, and a long-time rival of Alarion in the Council. Shrewd, cunning, and an accomplished attuned. Many consider the leadership of the cuerryn in the city to be split between the two.

Garen Brandhand:  Leader of the fulkhaz dwarves in Solun and a member of the Sons of Heracles

Laria Star:  The self appointed “Leader” of the pooka community in Solun, member of the Sons of Apollo.

Zoe Klynn: Considered by many the de facto leader of the human population, twin sister of Jerice.

The War Council:
Morwen Pedrahon:  Only daughter of Alarion, she is the Captain of the City Guard. Widow of the former Captain, and mother of two, the fiery redhead has earned her place in the War Council many times over. She is fiercely protective of her children.

Alexander Custos:  The Commander of the local Wardens of the Wild and seated right hand military council to Alarion. This grizzled Dacri has been witness to some of the worst conflicts in the last half century that Solun has weathered.

The Guild Leaders:
Jerice Komnene:  Leader of the Baoki, twin sister of Zoe.

Aurin Sylestra:  Leader of the Sons of Apollo

Iason Hilganis: Leader of the Sons of Ares

Sergio Baltos: Leader of the Sons of Heracles
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Arcadian Coallition
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