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 Personas & Attributes

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PostSubject: Personas & Attributes    1/5/2017, 22:19

The true nature of a Character, the core of their personality. Each Persona is associated with an attribute and Characters aligned with a specific element receive a +1 bonus to the respective attribute.

• Mercurial: Easygoing, mercurial, and flexible, characters with this Persona are often found where they should not be. They are associated with Agility.

• Explorer: Observant, perceptive, but not necessarily connected to the world around them, these characters are a curious lot.  They are associated to Awareness.

• Hedonist: Passionate, vivid, and seeking attention, characters with this Persona burn bright but often for a brief period.  They are associated with Charisma.

• Leader: Focused, sharp, and precise, but often rigid and unyielding, those with this Persona are creatures of logic and reason.  They are associated with Intellect.

• Creator: Imaginative, with the fortitude necessary to see their visions to fruition, those with this persona rarely give up.  They are associated with Resilience.

• Hero: Ready to answer a cry for help, characters with this Persona often face insurmountable odds. They are associated with Strength.

• Pragmatist: Stalwart, practical, slow to anger, and slow to forget, this Persona is for those willing to do whatever it takes to survive. They are associated with Vitality

• Schemer: Secretive, deceptive, and calculating, these characters see the big picture, often pulling the strings behind the scenes. They are associated with Wits.

The Attributes
Starting at 1 and going up to 5. This section is about that set of traits that defines the Character at the most basic level and affect some of the other traits.

• Agility: The higher this attribute is, the faster the character can move, and the more delicate and precise their movements can be.

• Awareness: As the rating of this attribute gets higher, the easier it is for the Character to notice their surroundings and be alert.

• Charisma: This dictates how much people are affected by the Character's presence around them, and it has nothing to do with appearance.

• Intellect: This attribute is all about, raw brainpower. The higher it goes, the easier a Character can understand and deduce things.

• Resilience: Life can be harsh, and one needs the inner strength to keep pushing forward. This is precisely what this attribute represents.

• Strength: More dots in this attribute give the Character a better chance at doing damage or lifting heavy objects and running.

• Vitality: Taking damage and walking away is the purview of this attribute. It also defines how far someone can push their body.

• Wits: When it comes to thinking fast, this is the attribute a Character needs to develop. It applies both to social and mental actions.

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Personas & Attributes
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