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#Sundered_Realms is a IRC RPG on Where Fantasy meets the Post Apocalyptic. Set on Earth after centuries of devastation and geopolitical upheaval.
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PostSubject: Bearings    1/5/2017, 22:21

The path each Character has devoted themselves to, or are defined by, according to their actions. Each Bearing grants the Character a free specialty in one of the skills associated with the respective Aspect.

• Champion: Pledging themselves to do what must be done, those following this bearing understand the need to harm in order to protect or survive. Most popular with Soldiers.

• Rebel: Seeing opportunity at every turn and rules as guidelines, those that align with this bearing dance to their own tune. Most popular with Specialists.

• Caregiver: Embracing this bearing means understanding society, and other people. Not always benign, they are often called infectious. Most popular with Emissaries.

• Architect: With a strong sense of purpose and the need for structure, those that don this bearing are often seen as controlling. Most popular with Academics.
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