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#Sundered_Realms is a IRC RPG on Where Fantasy meets the Post Apocalyptic. Set on Earth after centuries of devastation and geopolitical upheaval.
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 Quick Reference Creation Guide

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PostSubject: Quick Reference Creation Guide   2/5/2017, 22:13

The following are the steps to creating a character in Sundered Realms.  For further information on each portion of this guide, see the seperate post concerning each further in the Forum.

Character's General Information:

Player - Players Name
Character Name - Self Explanatory
Character Concept - Two or three words giving the jist of the character
Character's Species - Human, Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Etc
Character's Race - Tellurian, Cuerryn, Saeg'hul, Etc
Aspect - Your Character's main skill focus or profession.
Persona - The Character's core personality type
Bearing - The way the Character interacts with the world at large.

Each aspect has a set number of skills associated with it.  At creation you pick one of these skills to specialize in (ontop of the 3 that every character gets generally).  After creation the XP cost to up all these skills is reduced by 2 xp points after multipliers are totaled (Level 3 firearms normally costs 6 xp, for Soldiers it costs 4).  Specialties also cost 2 xp for these skills instead of the normal 3.  For more information see the Aspects post on the forum

The true nature of a Character, the core of their personality. Each Persona is associated with an attribute and Characters aligned with a specific element receive a +1 bonus to the respective attribute.

The path each Character has devoted themselves to, or are defined by, according to their actions. Each Bearing grants the Character a free specialty in one of the skills associated with the respective Aspect.


Players get 15 dots to distribute among the Attributes, the first dot in the Attribute is free, and the 5th dot costs double cost at creation.

Players get 25 dots to distrubute among the Skills, the 5th dot in any skill is worth double cost at creation.

This is where characters become truly customized. Qualities are additional boons to your character, covering a wide range of effects from boosting certain stats, to giving them modifiers in certain situations, to determining their knowledge about various things.
You may spend 20 dots for your qualities. Some have a fixed cost, while others have a range of costs that you can choose. For those with a range, the 5th dot once again costs 2 dots at creation.

The Odds & Ends
Secondary Traits: These sections are for traits that are derived from creation choices or Attributes.

Health Points: These traits dictate how much punishment a Character's form and mind can take before they collapse.

Body: This is the Character's form in the physical world and the Health Points are equal to 4 plus their Mass plus half of Vitality rounded up. Every 3 points of damage, the penalty to rolls is increased by 1 to a maximum of 6.

Will: This trait is consumed whenever the Character uses Attunement. Also expended when the Character wishes to push past their limit.
▪ Mundanes: Those untouched by the realms have a Will rating of 10.
▪ Infused: Those focusing their power inward, usually rely on their physicality and their Will rating is 10 plus their Vitality.
▪ Attuned: Those focusing their power outward rely on their mental prowess and their Will rating is 10 plus triple their Intellect.

Defense: The rating of this trait dictates how easily the Character can avoid incoming attacks and environmental hazards. It is equal to half the sum of Agility and Wits, rounded up.

Mass: This trait is an indicator of how much impact the Character's physical form leaves on the world around them. While dependent on size, density is also a factor. Most races have a mass of 5.

Initiative: This trait can dictate the order of acting during combat, and it is equal to the sum of Agility and Wits.

Actions: This trait determines the number of full actions that can be performed each round by the Character.

Movement: The following ratings dictate the distance the Character can cover on land or water. It is measured in metres per second.
◦ Walking: Standard movement on land, equal to species modifier plus the sum of Strength and Agility.
◦ Running: Swift movement on land, equal to species modifier plus triple the sum of Strength and Agility.
◦ Swimming: Standard movement in water, equal to 2 plus species modifier plus the sum of Strength and Agility.
◦ Jumping: The distance one can jump from a standing position, it is equal to 1.5 times the Character's Agility.

Some people have odd interests that, on the surface, simply do not fit. Like the police detective that loves planting petunias.

Cost of traits in Experience after creation

Attributes: 5 per rating (3rd dot is 15)
Skills: 3 experience points per rating, 2 if discounted
Skill Specialties: 3 experience point per specialty, 2 if discounted
Knowledge Fields: 3 experience points per rating, 2 if discounted
Qualities: 2 experience points per rating
Infused Abilities: 2 experience points per rating or double cost of listed power cost
Attuned Paths: 8 experience points per rating
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Quick Reference Creation Guide
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