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 Dice pools & Focus for Attuned

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PostSubject: Dice pools & Focus for Attuned   2/5/2017, 22:56

Attunement Dicepools follow the following standards

For Energy, Matter, and Ether, one of the following two Attributes will be rolled when casting a spell

  • Intellect: For when the Character is casting an established, controlled ritual.  Having had the time to prepare and be in a controlled environment free of distraction.

  • Wits: For the on the fly casting, in the heat of the moment when Fast Thinking is paramount and the utmost of importance.

For Death and Life Attuned, exchange Wits for Vitality, this represents the raw physical need to contend with the realms.

Example Dice pools.

Healing yourself or another = Vitality + Dots in Life

Casting a Fireball at a target = Wits + Dots in Energy

Performing a Ritual to Imbue Matter effects into a Sword = Intellect + Dots in Matter

Focus is the stuff of concentration.  Attuned Magics are powerful and dangerous things when left to the undisciplined, and this Quality (Ranked cost 1-5) Represents the Character's ability to maintain control of themselves in order to see the Magics through unhindered or flubbed.

When casting in extreme circumstance (IE Combat, extended rituals that cause mental fatigue, doing a handstand, etc) A reflexive Resilience + Focus roll is made.  If the roll succeeds, the spell goes off, if the roll fails the caster may spend a Will and attempt the roll again at a -1 dice modifier.  If the second roll fails, the Character loses control of the spell and a Storyteller should be contacted immediately... unless one was rubbing their grubbing little hands together hoping this would happen.

The dice modifiers for these rolls go as follows:

For 3 dots the modifier is standard, no change.  At 4 dots in the Attunement, there is a -1 dice modifier to reflect the difficulty, and then a -2 dice modifier for the 5th dot in the Attunement Realm.
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Dice pools & Focus for Attuned
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